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Siren ePCR V4.7 is here

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Latest News

Siren ePCR Cost to Swap

$3.5M to be invested in Siren V5

iOS and Android First Responder App now available

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Siren Field User



Easy to use

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Siren Data Analytics

Self Driven Analytics

Interactive Dashboards

Automated and Event Driven Reports

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Siren Notification Board

Real-time alerts

Hospital ED acknowledgement

Access to ePCRs, ECGs, Photo's

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Siren Workflow

Centralised ePCR Repository

Paperless Back Office

Billing Integration

Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide innovative Digital Health Solutions to help transform healthcare organisations to deliver better health outcomes.

If you have an existing ePCR solution that is no longer growing with your organisation or is not meeting your needs?

Talk to us about Siren GO! our new Software as a Service offering.

Siren GO! offers customers the ability to swap to Siren ePCR based on a monthly subscription fee (conditions apply).

Accurate and real time information is a cornerstone of providing the best patient care, but it can be a challenge getting actionable intelligence into the right hands, when and where you need it.

Siren ePCR exchanges information with multiple healthcare systems in real-time while at the patient’s side to support your clinical decision making.

Siren ePCR allows you to import, assess, and enrich the information before sharing it with other health and social care providers across the care continuum.


Nautilus Health is please to announce that SJA NT is moving to the latest release of Siren ePCR,  Version 4.7

This marks yet another major milestone in the evolution of our world leading electronic patient care record (ePCR) system for the Asia-Pacific Market.

Contact us about the many benefits of moving to Siren ePCR 4.7
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